Directed by Levvy Carriker
Featuring Troy Slade, Dominic Karstens, John Schaaver, and Cort Stevens.
DVD Aprox. 104 min.

It had been our plan to sell this video here on SlickVille. We set up arrangements with the producer to do so. Soon after, their website at became inactive. We sent the producer an e-mail about the problem and, after a long wait, we have not received a reply. We can only conclude that this movie is no longer commercially available. Since this film contains several supurb scenes of wet hair combing, we suggest that you attempt to obtain copies from the second hand market (try e-bay) or borrow copies from friends or seek out copies on greaser's lair. The review below was prepared prior to our learning of the producers disappearance.

This film contains some nudity and genital hand contact and does not carry the required legal parental notice.

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Finally there is an erotic slick hair video!

A review by Jim Brown

Finally there is a video for those with a fetsiher for slicked hair. Produced in Levvy Carriker's high-tech graphic style and soundtrack, the opening sequence invites you into one of the first and possibly the only movies out to date dealing with slick hair as a fetish. "Pornography" with out the porn -- or very little. The hair is the turn-on.

Till now the slick hair fetisher had to look at old 30s and 40s movies to see shiny wet heads of well groomed hair. But unlike these mainstream movies, "Wethead Blond Guys" was made specifically to show the hair. And show hair it does. Lots of combing action and in many cases there is repeated coming over the same well greased locks giving you ample time to enjoy the fantasy. There are lots a extreme close-ups of wet shiny hair. Some of it, like that of Troy Slade, is well greased and slicked back in a traditional yet modern style.

For those who get into shaving scenes there is lots of shaving creme and razor action on both face and chest. There is a wet and wild shampooing and shower scene with Troy Slade who later gets slowly dressed into a sexy black and gold tuxedo. His long blond hair is well greased and combed with a sharp part and smooth pomp as we see on the box cover. Dominic Karstens and John Schaaver give us lots of shaving scenes and they both get their hair trimmed with lots of scissor and clipper action.

There are many dry hair scenes leaving us wishing they would douse on some hairtonic, grease, or gel. In several scenes we see the tube of Brylcreem and the yellow bottle of Vitalis but are deprived of seeing it squeezed or poured out and messaged into the hair.

Included on the DVD is a photo gallery which shows still frames from the movie. Included are shots of shampooing, combing, and several very nice extreme close-ups of wet comb lines. The arrow keys on my DVD controller failed to work properly when moving forward and back through the menu choices, but going in reverse order with the back arrow will surely get you to your choice to play the entire movie, select an individual model's section, or the photo gallery.

There are occasional shots of male genitalia. It is my opinion that there is an abundance of fine traditional gay porn available and a unique film such as this should leave that area alone and stay focused on the slicked hair as the source of arousal. It is understandable given Levvy's primary filmmaking has been in male pornography and perhaps an added penis or two may do it for some viewers.

The opening sequence and the beach scene at the end of the movie are slickly edited while much of the core of the movie consists of raw unedited camera footage. We often hear director, Levvy, instructing the actors and the waste footage between takes was left in. Despite its flaws in movie making, "Wethead Blond Guys" remains a must have full length video for anyone who gets turned on by Wethead Blond Guys!

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